I am a recent graduate of Oregon State University seeking employment as a software engineer. While I was a student I worked for the University at an IT help desk. There I strengthened my skills in problem solving, troubleshooting, and customer service. These skills, in addition to my coursework, have given me the confidence to complete any challenge I am given. I am interested in the fields of web development, graphics, and upper level IT.

As a senior capstone project, I did full stack development for the Energy Efficiency Center. This year long process has given me insight into the challenges and innovation of client based web development. I have also taken graphics and concurrent programming courses to fulfill a game and simulation option for my degree. This coursework has given me a love for all things graphics related. While I have the most experience in IT I would like to utilize a broader skillset by pursuing a career in the software development industry.

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The Clifton StrengthsFinder test is used to identify a person's strongest characteristics. My results can be seen below.


  • EEC Demo

    EEC Website

    For a senior capstone project I developed an internal website for the Engineering Efficiency Center. Over the course of nine months my two teammates and I completed this full stack development project. During this time, I learned a great deal about small business application development. This includes experience in web development, technical documentation, and teamwork. The back-end is built using MySQL and PHP while the front-end uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The results of this effort can be viewed below at the demo site.

  • Computer Graphics

    As a final project for graphics shaders I attempted to re-create convincing water. The ocean scene below was created in OpenGL and uses animation, normal maps, and dynamic lighting. This short demo was recorded using Fraps and is being manipulated real time.